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Daily routine

14 October 2014

Kind of a gross, rainy day all day today from about 2 on. I went out this morning, just sort of walking spiral patterns from my block.

(I have Las Tunas at Matanzas on while I write. The Cuban national anthem is like 90 seconds long. I wonder if your Yasiel Puigs or your Jose Abreus ever think "What the fuck?" sitting through our four-minute Celine Dion renditions.)


Anyway. Found some markets and such nearby that should help bring food costs down. Not that I'm too terribly worried, what with $2 Hawaiian spaghettis on offer. Yes, it's a thing, and yes, I'm bringing it back with me.

Wow, what a shit play by Matanzas' catcher -- gets the ball on a chopper right in front of home plate, looks the runner on second back, looks him back, looks him back again, and by this time the runner at first is safe, has adjusted his cleats, baked a pie and finally started writing that novel he's been talking about forever.

My morning routine: I wake up, hit snooze on my alarm a few times, get dressed, go right across the street for coffee (two shots of rocket fuel espresso the color and consistency of motor oil and at least 65 percent sugar to boot. Yum!).

Then I pack for the day. Some days I take my camera, others no. More money some days than others, that sort of thing.

Strike out for a museum or art gallery or whatever, or just stroll around, let myself get lost a bit.

I try to get back by 1 or 2 at the absolute latest because the heat and humidity are just brutal in the afternoon.

Hang out in the later afternoon somewhere, and usually dinner at Café Brown. Watch TV (baseball) and write, read, call it a day.

Went to an AA meeting tonight. Very much the same as they are in the states. Couldn't understand a word that was said, but it was still nice to be there.

On the way to grab some coffee I said "thanks for speaking" to a guy who kept valiantly trying to make himself understood to me even though his accent was too thick to really grasp. By the time we were done -- well, no, scratch that. The coffee was gone well before we were done talking but just as well since I probably wouldn't have been able to sleep after that.

Anyway. More tomorrow, I hope. Buenas noches.

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