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In need of pitching

03 November 2014

Tonight was the first time I saw a player (for any team) get booed, but starting a game by giving up five runs on three hits in just two-thirds of an inning probably earned it, even if you play for the home nine.


Just saw a dude flash a dollar bill at a vendor like he was hot shit. Where do you think you are, man? Other countries use different money. Go back to Cancun.

When I covered UCF baseball, the people in the press box used to extrapolate for fun. If a first inning took an exceptionally long (or short) time, someone would do the math and say “Hey, we’re on pace for a 90-minute game,” or whatever. Here in Havana, we’re on pace for a brisk six-hour contest after 40 minutes to get six outs.

The stadium emptied quickly following a three-run double in the seventh for Artemisa made it 9-1. Artemisa loaded the bases with no outs in the top of the ninth and a sac fly made it 10-1. Not bad for that situation, but still. 10-1?

Another BABIP-y kind of day for Habana as they had 10 hits. That kind of offense usually leads to some more dang runs.

Just noticed that among the early departures are the fan clubs with their banners. Never a good sign when you lose the hardcore fans.

There is a kid here in the bottom of the ninth blowing his souvenir horn like Dizzy Gillespie, though. Don’t stop believin’, kid.

Final game time was 3:28, by the way.

The Industriales need pitching, badly. The good news is that the offense is there, it just needs to gel. Maybe fiddle with the lineup or something? If they can make the second phase, the Industriales can poach (I think) five players from among the eight teams that didn’t make the cut. There are some pretty good pitchers out there and just snagging one will help this team go deep in the playoffs.



An Airport Sandwich Note

Just paid $6.20 for a jamon con queso sandwich and a Coca-Cola in the airport. By far the most expensive meal I had in Cuba.

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