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BABIP dragons

02 November 2014

We got a bit of a cold snap this weekend. Relatively speaking, of course. Everyone’s been walking around wearing jackets. A guy at the game today wanted to sell me an Industriales scarf. I’m pretty sure the high today was about 70.

Baseball crowd

Just had a 9-3 double play to end the bottom of the first because the Industriales’ runner got too far off first on a shallow fly to right. TOOTBLAN.

The BABIP dragon (to use one esoteric baseball term immediately after another) has been at the Industriales at home this month (October-November). A lot of guys have been hitting screaming liners but they’re right to various infielders. Fly balls will hang in the air just long enough for someone to get under them and make an out. It’s got to be frustrating for the players.

(In fairness, the Industriales did manage to take a no-hitter into the sixth today.)

The other possibility is maybe they’re regressing to the mean. When I arrived, they were 8-0 at home and now they’re 9-4 at home going into today and basically the opposite of that on the road. It’s tough to say which is the “true” record, but from what I’ve seen, they are in fact a .500 team at best.

Case in point: The Industriales have nine hits plus four Artemisa errors but only three runs with one gone in the ninth. Clearly they’re scattering their hits; a guy gets on, maybe another batter takes a walk, but then the air whooshes out of any potential rally as the BABIP dragon spits GIDPs over their chances.

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